Outdoor Diverse Series
Outdoor Diverse Series
Outdoor Diverse Series
Outdoor Diverse Series


Outdoor Diverse Series

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Antonics-ICP OmPlecs® Train Antennas generation

Antonics Outdoor Diverse Series are multiband solutions in combination with 70 cm-band and applications in the areas of TETRA together with UMTS, WiFi and GPS. The antennas of this series are equipped with 3-4 RF ports. 


Part Number Article Number Description
OmPlecs-TOP 200 AMR MF-04 -5- 100-58-10-02.5 1x LTE + 1x Wifi + 1x GPS
OmPlecs-TOP 200 AMR DAB-DVB-T 100-58-15-02 1x FM / DAB / DVB-T
OmPlecs-TOP 200 AMR MF-01 WLH 100-58-78-03.10 1xTETRA+1x3G+1xGPS+Wifi
OmPlecs-TOP 200 AMR MF-01 -2- 100-58-78-01.2 1xTETRA + 1xGPS + Wifi



OmPlecs® TOP 200 AMR Brochure 

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