16th August 2021

IndustrialComms helps to bring Moray East Wind farm project to fruition 

IIndustrialComms has supplied a range of communication products, including a 120km communications link using Siemens RuggedCom equipment to Moray East wind farm in Scotland.

This highly competitive offshore wind project was granted consent (1,116MW) in 2014 by the Scottish Government.

 In 2017 it won a 950MW contract for difference at competitive auction which set the price of power generated at £57.50 per MWhr and will be delivered early in the next decade.

Moray East was the first part of the Moray Firth Zone to be developed, and the first of the Round 3 projects to apply for (2012) and receive (2014) consent.

Moray East exported its first power to the national grid via its new substation south of New Deer in Aberdeenshire on 5th June 2021.

IndustrialComms is proud to have been involved in this project from a very early stage. Chief Executive Officer, Graham Bull explains: “As a leading distributor of industrial communications products and power supplies, we work closely with systems integrators and distribution network operators (DNO’s) in the transmission of power.

“We are involved throughout the whole life of the project, from the wind farm being created, to keeping it running.”

The windfarm is still under construction, but the engineering methodology used enables power to be exported before all 100 turbines have been installed.

Project Director Marcel Sunier comments: “Our 950MW windfarm (more than 22km from shore and in water more than 50m deep) marks a key milestone in the global development of the offshore wind industry. Its unique engineering, cutting edge technology and location have reduced the cost of renewable power by two thirds in comparison with most offshore windfarms built to date in the UK.

“First Generation is a long awaited and hard-earned milestone for the project. It represents the culmination of more than a decade of effort, when commercial scale offshore generation, in deeper waters, farther from shore was a concept rather than a reality.

“I would like to thank all of those whose tireless effort has brought us safely to this point despite the unprecedented conditions of a pandemic. The dedication and determination of all involved as well as the local support is highly appreciated and allowed to bring this project forward to where we are today. Moray East offers the low-cost, low-carbon power which will be essential to fuelling economic recovery from Covid and for a sustainable future for all of us and generations to come.”

Working with leading players in the field of renewable energy, IndustrialComms can supply a wide range of communication and computing products for Wind Turbine applications, both new build and retrofitting/replacement.

The company also offers a whole host of products for control, monitoring and security applications for Solar PV farm applications, including I.E switches, Serial Gateways and 4G Routers. 

For more information visit www.industrialcomms.com