IOL3200 Series
IOL3200 Series


IOL3200 Series

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Contact Closure FO-System

EKS IOL3200 Series is a fiber optic system which transmits digital signals (e.g., contact closures, control-signals) via fiber optics.

Using addressed subscribers, the fiber optic system is able to transmit up to 12 digital signals (12–24 VDC) within a point-to-point structure.


  • 12 x Contact Closure
  • Point-to-Point-System
  • Stainless Steel, Powder Coated
  • Top-Hat Rail


Part Number Article Number Description
IOL-3200/TX-12D-13-MM-SC 032001323 Fiber Transmitter Multi-mode SC with 12 x DI (Digital 12-24VDC)
IOL-3200/TX-12D-13-SM-SC-L 032001333-L Fiber Transmitter Single-mode SC with 12 x DI (Digital 12-24VDC)
IOL-3200/RX-12D-13-MM-SC 032002323 Fiber Receiver Multi-mode SC with 12 x DI (Digital 12-24VDC)
IOL-3200/RX-12D-13-SM-SC-L 032002333-L Fiber Receiver Single-mode SC with 12 x DI (Digital 12-24VDC)




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