The neural networks of machine world

Kyland Technology Co. Ltd, Building No. 2,Shixing Avenue 30, Shijingshan Distr., Beijing 100041

Kyland is a leading global innovator in industrial internet technology.

The company won first prize at the 1st China Industrial Internet Contest, and has been identified by the Chinese Ministry of Industry and Information Technology as a champion of the industrial communications industry.

It is the only company from the Chinese mainland to be listed among the industry’s global top ten (only two Asian companies made the list).

Kyland is also the founder and a board member of China's first industrial internet industry alliance (the Beijing Zhongguancun Industrial Internet Industry Alliance).


  • By innovating and establishing standards, Kyland strives to bring the industry together on three levels: by unifying communication protocols, establishing a host platform for control and management software and by setting up a control and computing platform
  • Through 20 years of research and development work, Kyland has developed the world leading industrial internet operating system Intewell, an all-purpose industrial internet communications chip and software-defined control industry servers.
  • More than one million Kyland devices are running in real time worldwide, and the company’s service system has been awarded an outstanding seven-star certification by the after sales certification organization CTEAS.

Product ranges

Managed DIN-Rail Redbox Switches

Muti-Function Layer 2 & 3 Switches