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charging technology for electromobility

From the charging station to the electric car: Our powerful CHARX products have been specially developed for electromobility applications and cover the entire charging process. Along with HPC-capable charging inlets for electric vehicles, we supply almost all of the components for modern charging points – from private AC home chargers to public CCS fast charging stations.

We are your strong partner for networked and intelligent charging infrastructure, and we enable High Power Charging (HPC) with charging powers of up to 500 kW.


  • All products for the charging process from a single source with the comprehensive CHARX portfolio
  • Easy installation, commissioning, and maintenance with uniform, modular product design
  • Fast, safe, and standard-compliant charging points and charging interfaces with the latest technologies
  • Intelligent charging park management with communication-capable products and open interfaces
  • Future-proof and flexibly extendable charging parks with modular, scalable systems



Charging cables and charging sockets for e-mobility

Safe, reliable, and convenient: Our CHARX connect charging connection systems are setting new standards in the supply of energy for electric vehicles. With silver-plated power and signal contacts, high-precision temperature monitoring, and integrated locking system, our charging cables and charging sockets are safe and reliable in operation. With their attractive, ergonomic design, they are easy and comfortable to use.

  • Complete, standard-compliant product range for type 1, type 2, and GB/T
  • Efficient power transmission and long-term stability with silver-plated contact surfaces
  • Safe charging with temperature monitoring and innovative locking mechanisms
  • Developed and produced in accordance with the IATF 16949 automotive standard and ISO 9001

Charging controllers for e-mobility

Safe and flexible vehicle charging: You can operate any charging station with our CHARX control charging controllers – from an AC home charger in the carport to HPC charging stations on the highway. These devices monitor and control the electric vehicle charging process in accordance with internationally applicable standards such as IEC, GB/T, and SAE. Thanks to our wide range of products, you can implement a vast array of infrastructure concepts tailored to your individual requirements.

  • Standard-compliant products for setting up your charging stations
  • High flexibility with extensive configuration options
  • Easy implementation of intelligent charging infrastructures with integrated load management
  • Easy integration into management systems with standardized communication interfaces

Charging and load management for e-mobility

Intelligent and convenient charging station management: Optimize the operation of your charging infrastructure with CHARX manage (previously EV Charging Suite). The scalable software suite is the interface between the electric vehicle driver, charging park operator, building management system, and backend provider.

  • Integrated load management prevents costly failures and ensures the availability of the charging park
  • Easy commissioning, configuration, and monitoring of the charging park via web browser
  • Intuitive touch operation for the electric vehicle driver at the central terminal
  • Future-proof and flexible with scalable licenses and the easy addition of new charging points
  • Flexible connection to building management and backend systems

Surge protection for charging stations and home chargers

No-risk charging: Protect charging stations and electric vehicles against damage caused by lightning and overvoltages with CHARX protect. We will provide you with a comprehensive surge protection concept to ensure that your charging infrastructure remains available at all times – at any time of the day or night, and in bad weather and wind.

  • Complete protection for your charging infrastructure due to the comprehensive product range
  • Uninterrupted continuation of the charging process with a protected power supply
  • Protection for the connected e-vehicle with a safe surge protection concept

DC power electronics for fast charging stations

Our highly efficient CHARX power power electronics facilitate the cost-effective operation of your DC charging infrastructure for the fast charging of electric vehicles. Whether for single charging modules for installing in a charging station or entire system cabinets for supplying charging parks in the megawatt range – depending on the requirements, we provide modular and scalable solutions for DC charging with high voltages and currents right through to High Power Charging (HPC).

  • Rapid installation and servicing with simple connection technology and hot-plug capability
  • Efficient, space-saving operation with a high level of efficiency, high power density, and innovative design
  • Scalable charging power through the flexible connection of modules and assembly of the system cabinets
  • Compliant with European safety and EMC standards
  • Flexible charging system setup with galvanic isolation


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