RUGGEDCOM - Rugged communications equipment for harsh environments

Media Converters and Serial Servers

RMC Series

Industrially hardened fiber optical media converter

RMC20 Series

Utility-grade, serial-to-fiber and serial standards converter 

RMC30 Series

2-port Serial-to-Ethernet server,128-bit Encryption

RMC40 Series

4-Port Ethernet Media and Speed Converter

RMC41 Series

2 Port Ethernet Media and Speed Converter

RMC8388 Series

Small form factor time converter, upports RJ45 and LC

RS400 Series

 4-Port Serial device server with 4-Port managed Ethernet switch

RS401 Series

4-Port Serial Device Server with 4-Port Managed Ethernet Switch

RS416 Series

Managed Ethernet Switch with up to 16-ports

RS416P Series

16 port serial device server with 4 port PoE Ethernet switch

RS910 Series

2-Port Serial Device Server with up to 3 Ports Managed Ethernet Switch



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