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neXT Family

IoT solutions for the next generation. The WE11X products acquire data from the field through a configurable input and make them available on Cloud or Server. Thanks to their programmable logics, they also allow to manage alarms and/or automated actions.

IoT Solutions nethix

WE111 - LTE

LTE Technology - Communication on Mobile Networks

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we111 nethix

WE112 - Wi-Fi

Wi-Fi Technology - Communicates using local Wi-Fi Networks

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we112 nethix

WE113 - NB-IoT

NB-IoT Technology - Ideal for IIoT Solutions with Low Data Consumption

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we113 nethix

WE114 - LoRa

LoRa® Technology - Integrate Sensors Inside a LoRaWAN Network

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Smart Systems
Water Networks Monitoring
Access Control
Smart Agriculture
Weather Monitoring
Vending Machines

IoT Solutions nethix